A fast,
repair method, eliminating the need to rebuild and minimising the likelihood of further cracking*
PowaTwist™ Helical System

Helical System

The PowaTwist™ system consists of stainless steel PowaTwist™ bars and PowaTwist™ grout, providing superb axial strength and excellent bonding characteristics when reconnecting cracked masonry.

* The repair system is suitable for cracked masonry where cracks are now static. Please remember that crack-stitching will not repair the causes of the cracking, but will permanently repair the symptoms of the cause of the cracking.

Advantages of the PowaTwist™ Repair System

  • No additional plates or screws
  • No additional fixings
  • Ideal for aggressive environments
  • Stainless Steel Helical-Design gives greater effectiveness when used with PowaTwist™ Grout
  • Long life – Stainless Steel
  • Load distributed over the complete length of the PowaTwist™ bar
  • Elasticity / Flexible System
  • No load and tension concentration
  • Ideal Diameter and Solidness

PowaTwist™ bars

PowaPost LogoBS EN 845-1

Manufactured from grade 304 austenitic stainless steel, PowaTwist™ bars are designed and manufactured to provide a superb combination of axial strength and flexibility. Minimises the likelihood of further cracking when used with PowaTwist™ Grout, and provides a permanent repair without the need to re-build.

Product Code Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Pack Qty
PT/4.5/1000 4.5 1000 10
PT/4.5/1500 4.5 1500 10
PT/4.5/3000 4.5 3000 10
PT/6/1000 6 1000 10
PT/6/1500 6 1500 10
PT/6/3000 6 3000 10
PT/8/1000 8 1000 10
PT/8/1500 8 1500 10
PT/8/3000 8 3000 10
PT/10/1000 10 1000 10
PT/10/3000 10 3000 10

PowaTwist™ Grout

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A high performance, non-shrink, non-gassing, cement based grout, suitable for injection with an applicator gun and especially formulated for use with PowaTwist™ bars. Completely fills all voids into which it is injected and develops its compressive strength rapidly. Suitable for bonding metal components into most common masonry-type substrates including brick, stone, blocks etc.

Product Code Size

PowaTwist™ Crack-Stitching Kit

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A two component system consisting of stainless steel PowaTwist™ bars and PowaTwist™ grout.

Product Code Contents
PT/KIT 10no. 6mm x 1000mm bars, 1no. 3L tub of grout, Gun, Stainless Steel Nozzle, Mixing Paddle, Finger Trowel