Ancillary Products

Ancillary Products

Galvanised and stainless steel fixings and brackets for structural and decorative applications.

Gallows Bracket

Heavy duty welded support brackets for use when removing internal chimney breasts.

Must be fixed with additional angle iron, lintel or steel plate between brackets (not supplied).

Manufactured from 50x50x5mm thick and 75x75x5mm thick angle,hot dipped galvanised after fabrication.


Product Reference Size Box Qty.
GB/50 490 x 375mm 1 pair
GB/75 490 x 375mm 1 pair

SPW Square Plate Washer

Available ex-stock in self colour or bright zinc plate finish to BS 1706.

Non standard sizes and stainless steel available to order.

Product Reference Size Box Qty.
SPW/50/3 50 x 50 x 3mm thick / M12 500
SPW/50/5 50 x 50 x 5mm thick / M12 500
SPW/63/3 63 x 63 x 3mm thick / M12 100
SPW/63/5 63 x 63 x 5mm thick / M12 100
SPW/75/3 75 x 75 x 3mm thick / M12 100
SPW/75/5 75 x 75 x 5mm thick / M12 100
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SHER/ST Sherardised Square Twist Nails

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Sheradised square twisted nails to BS 1202 Part1 are supplied in either bulk boxes of 25kg or polybags of 2.5 kg and 1.25 kg, approximate contents as detailed below.

Product Reference Size Approx. Box Qty.
SHER/ST/25KG 30 x 3.75mm 10000
SHER/ST/2.5KG 30 x 3.75mm 1000
SHER/ST/1.5KG 30 x 3.75mm 500
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SPL Safe Plate

Secured to timber studding by use of pre-punched spikes, to protect plumbing and electrical wiring against random nailing.

Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D +G275.

Product Reference Size Box Qty.
SPL/54 54 x 90mm 200

MFS Multi Fix Strapping

An inexpensive perforated strip which can easily be cut or bent to provide a quick and reliable method of bracing roof trusses / diagonal strutting to floor joists / holding down wallplates / suspending pipework and cables / general repairs to fencing and many other DIY jobs.

Manufactured from 0.9mm thick galvanised steel.

Also available from stock in Stainless Steel - ORDER CODE 'SS/MFS'.

Product Reference Size Box Qty.
MFS/20/10 20mm wide x 10m coil 10
MFS/25/15 25mm wide x 15m coil 10
MFS/25/50 25mm wide x 50m coil 5
MFS/50/10 50mm wide x 10m coil 5

SHI Scroll Hip Iron

A steel retaining bracket with decorative scroll design, used with traditional hipped roofs to prevent ridge tile movement.

Screwor nail fix to rafter and embed in mortar.

Manufactured from galvanised mild steel or stainless steel to order.

Product Reference Width Thickness Height Length Box Qty.
SHI/200/3 25 3 100 200 50
SHI/250/3 25 3 150 250 50
SHI/300/3 25 3 150 300 50
SHI/300/4 25 4 150 300 50
SHI/300/5 25 5 150 300 50
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SS/ARS Stainless Steel Annular Ring Shank Nails

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Stainless steel nails to BS1202 Part1 are supplied in either bulk boxes of 25kg or polybags of 2.0 kg and 1.0 kg, approximate contents as detailed below.

Product Reference Size Approx. Box Qty.
SS/ARS/25KG 50 x 3.35mm 6250
SS/ARS/2KG 50 x 3.35mm 10 bags(500)
SS/ARS/1KG 50 x 3.35mm 20 bags(500)
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GWB Galvanised Weather Bar

Supplied in random lengths 4/6 metres long or cut to size as required.

Available ex stock in the sections below, nonstandard sizes available to order.

Product Reference Size
GWB/25x3 25 x 3mm
GWB/25x5 25 x 5mm
GWB/30x5 30 x 3mm
GWB/40x3 40 x 3mm
GWB/40x5 40 x 5mm
GWB/50x3 50 x 3mm
GWB/50x3 50 x 5mm
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JC Joist Cap

Avoid time consuming labour, costly materials and expensive inspections.

The Joist Cap is an open ended box manufactured from injection-moulded polypropylene
Save Time, Save Materials, Save Costs

  • Totally transparent for easy inspection
  • Air gap for moisture evaporation
  • Air tight seal
  • Simple to fit
  • Flangeless design for placement
  • Moisture ingress prevention
  • Part L and E compliant

Ease of Installation

Built-in tolerance lines for ease of placement. The fins on the sides of the cap provide a key for mortar aiding pointing. Perfect placement is further aided by minimum and maximum fill lines which maintain an air gap to allow the wood to dry out. Joist Cap is attached with a nail each side of the cap. It has no flanges or clips to obstruct restraints or blocks. It also has a reinforced over hit zone.

Terraced Housing And Party Walls

Designed to fit flush for use back to back in terraced housing or on party walls.

Visual Inspection

Translucent material allowing visual inspection for correct load bearing of 90mm on the masonry inner leaf wall.

Air Leakage

Because the seal with the masonry is maintained unwanted air leakage between the ceiling void and wall cavity is stopped and thereby heat loss by air infiltration (as required by statutory regulations concerning the conservation of fuel and power regulations).

Sound Transmission

Stops air paths around joist ends within separating masonry, stopping noise transference across the cavity wall.


Manufactured from a high quality polypropylene. An over hit zone has been included in the robust design. BBA has certified it will last the normal expected life of the building.

Use Below Damp Proof Courses.

Unique design allows no water ingress allowing it to be used below damp proof courses or In old properties where a damp proof course may not be present.

Compliances And Certification

  • BBA Certificate no 06/423
  • NHBC Technical standards
  • The Building Regulations 2000 (as Amended) (England and Wales)
  • A1. B3(1)(2).C2 (b)(c).E1 L1(a)(i) Regulation 7
  • Parts L& E of the Building Regulations
  • BS 5628-1 2005 and BS 5628-3; 2005
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Roof Soakers

BPC manufacture aluminium and galvanised steel Roof Soakers, designed to protect against weather at the point where a roof meets a vertical face, such as a wall or chimney.

Used in conjunction with flashings (or other roof coverings), which should overlay the soakers. Also available with Plastisol coating.

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WBT Window Board Tie

A pre galvanised bracket designed to attach window boards to masonry wall.
Manufactured from 13 x 3mm galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 + G275.

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