Plasterers' Angle Beads

Plasterers' Angle Beads


SAB Standard Angle Bead

Economy corner reinforcement for two coat plastering.

Expanded mesh wings to ensure a positive bond and maximum resistance to cracking with perfect alignment.

Product Reference Size Box Qty.
SAB/2.4 2400mm 50
SAB/2.7 2700mm 50
SAB/3.0 3000mm 50
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TAB Thincoat Angle Bead

A rigid bead suitable for skim coat plastering on either plasterboard or smooth block .

Perforated wings with nail location holes.

Product Reference Size Box Qty.
TAB/2.4 2400mm 50
TAB/2.7 2700mm 50
TAB/3.0 3000mm 50
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MAB Minimesh Angle Bead

Fine mesh expanded metal winged skim coat bead for perfect corner alignment and ease of use.

Suitable for both plasterboard and smooth brickwork application.

Product Reference Size Box Qty.
MAB/2.4 2400mm 50
MAB/2.7 2700mm 50
MAB/3.0 3000mm 50
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STB Stop Bead

Aligns, reinforces and protects meshing lines, openings and expansion joints.
Expanded section ensures positive location with or without nailing.

Available in two standard depths, 10mm and 13mm.

Product Reference Size Box Qty.
STB/13/2.4 13mm x 2400mm 50
STB/10/2.4 10mm x 2400mm 50
STB/10/3.0 10mm x 3000mm 50
STB/13/3.0 13mm x 3000mm 50
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